Teachers prepare for conversations about inauguration and other current events

Published: Jan. 19, 2021 at 8:43 PM CST
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - For younger people, the first time watching an inauguration will be in the classroom.

The potential for an attack on this inauguration, and the fact that it’s happening during a pandemic, gives teachers a lot to work with. Ethan Divis, who is a government teacher at Anamosa High School, said it’s led to a lot of conversations about current events.

Davis said it helps students understand the lessons they are learning by giving practical real-life examples.

“A lot of the conversation is mainly centered or is going to be centered around the different security detail that’s been going on,” Davis said. “And kinda how this transfer of power looks different to how it is in 2016.”

Davis said he plans on showing the inauguration to almost all of his classes on Wednesday. They’ve watched other historical events in class, like the riots at the Capitol.

“It’s definitely a tough question to answer if students grasp it or not,” Davis said. “I really think our students are really well in-tune with what’s going on and I think they understand how big of a deal this is because they’ve been talking about it a decent amount in class.”

Megan Goldberg, who is a political science professor at Cornell College, said it’s hard to tell if Iowans watching the broadcast can sense the high-security level at the Capitol.

“I think it’s going to depend on the production they choose,” Goldberg said. ”Is it going to look like a military occupied inauguration? Or is it going to look pretty similar to what we would see anyway?”

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