Iowa State Patrol working to recruit more women

Published: Jan. 16, 2021 at 9:12 PM CST
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Iowa (KCRG) -The Iowa State Patrol is working to recruit more women to join law enforcement.

Trooper Michelle Beck moved quickly into law enforcement after her time as a U.S. Marine, and joined the Iowa State Patrol in 2014. Now, based in Cedar Falls, she’s helps with recruiting and is encouraging other women to follow in her footsteps. ”It’s really not that much different from being a man in law-enforcement. There are certain things that women bring to the table that I feel are an advantage for us, one thing being that we are known to deescalate situations,” says Beck.

Beck and rest of the panel, made up of women from the Iowa State Patrol and the Division of Criminal Investigation, talked to 100 women across the state in a webinar Saturday morning, giving them insight to career tracks, work and life balance, and their personal experiences in law enforcement. ”We do have a really important job we handle a lot, we see a lot we deal with a lot so it’s really important for us to remain tough mentally emotionally and physically,” says Beck.

Beck says since she started in Iowa, she says she’s seen more women enter into law enforcement, but says there’s been less interest overall...something they’re hoping to change. Beck says she was excited to see a big turnout for the webinar...with almost a third of the viewers coming out of Eastern Iowa, saying ”We need more women in law-enforcement, we can do the same job that men can do.”

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