Cedar Rapids native Keegan Murray making waves for Hawkeyes

Published: Jan. 9, 2021 at 3:11 PM CST
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IOWA CITY, Iowa (KCRG) -Cedar Rapids native and Hawkeyes Freshman Keegan Murray has been making serious waves on the basketball court this season.

The 5th-ranked Hawkeyes won an impressive 89-67 win over Maryland on Friday and Murray was a dunking machine, with 12 points and five boards. Keegan has had 26 points and 14 rebounds in his last two games.

“I’m just picking my opportunities when they come,” said Murray. “Getting loose balls getting easy buckets and making open shots. I’ve just been trying to establish myself by making up and shots. Getting easy layups, easy dunks. I’m being efficient on the court. Think that towards the beginning of the season become more efficient in practice this translated into our games.”

Keegan and his twin brother, Kris, can thank their Mom and Dad for their amazing improvement from their days at Prairie High School. They have packed on a lot of muscle on their 6″8 frames up to 215 pounds and it’s paying off in the big, physical Big Ten conference.

“Early on it was an adjustment I just had to make,” said Murray. “Feel like I’ve adjusted to it pretty well. Looking at it from the outside perspective it’s a little different but once you get on the court almost exactly what you think. Really physical big tough guys that you’re going against every single possession.”

Keegan and Kris are the twins sons of former Hawkeye standout Kenyon Murray, who coached the boys growing up through high school. But it is all hands-off now, and Kenyon is just a fan and proud dad.

“He has just been letting me do my own thing really,” said Murray about his father. “Kind of just letting me and my brother become adults and figure things out ourselves. Wants us to be men and he wants us to be really good people on and off the court. I just think that he’s done a really good job just letting us do our own thing and keeping in touch and encouraging us in the right way.”

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