Bus full of Iowans returns from Washington D.C. after traveling to support President Trump

Published: Jan. 8, 2021 at 6:47 PM CST
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - 51 Iowans have returned from Washington D.C. after traveling there to support President Trump.

“We all just, we just felt in our freedom, our freedom is on the line,” Cristy Tass of Mason City told us.

The group attended Trump’s rally Wednesday morning.

“It was like a big party in the park,” Tass says.

She told us the group she travelled with was not a part of the chaos at the Capitol.

Tass says she had no idea what was going on when she started to hear sirens and see police rushing towards the Capitol building.

”We were all split up, cell phones were going down we couldn’t reach each other, batteries to phones were dead. You know it was, towards the end I really started praying we would all be able to get back together and get to the bus,” she says.

All 51 did make it back safely, it wasn’t until later Tass says she saw videos of the shocking events happening at the Capitol.

“That’s just stupid. That’s stupidity. No one should charge into Congress,” Tass told us.

“Personally the Trump supporters I know don’t do things like that,” she added.

Tass told us the chaos makes Trump supporters look bad, but people shouldn’t paint with a broad brush.

“There were millions of us there enjoying the event and then there’s like a fraction of people that do things like this to make it all look bad,” she says.

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