Residents respond to New Year’s violence as data shows violent crime in Cedar Rapids increased in 2020

Published: Jan. 1, 2021 at 10:41 PM CST
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) -Data from the Cedar Rapids Police Department shows the downward trend in violent crime the past few years didn’t continue into 2020.

Cedar Rapids Police investigated murder ten in 2020, double the City’s five-year average. And several homicides are still unsolved.

Overall, police responded to 157 shots-fired calls as of December 1, 2020, which amounts to a 58% increase from 2019. And that could increase with data police are still processing from December.

On Friday, Cedar Rapids Police were investigating two more violent crime incidents.

The first incident happened Thursday night, when police say someone stabbed a man in the parking lot of Kirkwood Apartments.

The other incident was a stabbing that happened a few hours later near Coe College on Center Point Road, where someone also fired a gun.

Friday afternoon, KCRG-TV9 visited Home Port, a bar and pub in Cedar Rapids where a stabbing and shots-fired took place early New Year’s morning.

Two college students that live nearby the scene told TV9 that the incident does make them scared for their safety. One student said he often makes trips at night to Hy-Vee, but that’s something he’s going to be cautious about the next few days.

“Hearing this happen just kind of made me question how safe it is to be walking around at night, knowing that there’s shooting and stabbings that could happen to me at any time,” said Sean Bowman, a Coe College student that lives near the area of the stabbing.

“For me as well it was really scary to hear about,” said Melodie Fedrick, also a Coe College student that lives nearby “I’m just a young girl walking around over here, like I have to go take the bus in the morning and stuff. It’s pretty scary to hear about violence happening around the neighborhood.”

Police have not released any additional information at this time regarding the stabbing and the investigation is ongoing.

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