People in eastern Iowa prepare for Tuesday’s snowstorm

People throughout Eastern Iowa spent today getting the expected pre-storm supplies... shovels... groceries -- of course, milk and bread.
Published: Dec. 28, 2020 at 8:35 PM CST
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - People throughout eastern Iowa spent Monday getting the expected pre-storm supplies: milk, bread, and shovels.

But, some aspects of this winter preparation are different this time around.

Workers at the Hy-Vee, on Edgewood Road in Cedar Rapids, are busy trying to fulfill online orders. Contactless shopping has ramped up during the pandemic. But, now add in a snow storm, and the pick-up line doesn’t seem to end.

“I’m totally baffled. This is nuts,” Julie Swenka, an online shopping customer, said. “I been, I think I waited for 45 minutes before i got up this far.”

“Usually they’re really fast,” Brenda McBride, another online shopper, said. “We do grocery pick-up all the time and they’re really fast about it.”

Workers at Hy-Vee said they are prepared to get online orders ready in a timely manner.

“The good thing about this year and having a snowstorm is we are more prepared on the Aisles Online front,” Kristy Staker, marketing and communications relations foir Hy-Vee, said. “And we have more people focusing on that department and getting those orders filled.”

Brian Koranda was shopping for a new snowblower at Midway Outdoor Equipment in Hiawatha. He said he’s tired of shoveling.

“My back is done. It’s too much,” Koranda said. “I like it when it first snows, but I hate everything after.”

Business has been brisk, with people stopping in to get new equipment, and a single snowstorm can mean two sales spikes.

“The initial rush is right now before the storm,” Michael Bauer, who works at the store, said. “And then we will get another one probably in a day or two after, when everyone goes to start their machines up and it don’t work.”

2020 is ending the way many spent this year: hunkered down inside, but grateful.

“As long as I’m safe with my family, that’s all that matters,” McBride said.

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