Family finds dog fatally shot behind home, believes someone thought it was coyote

A $500 cash reward is being offered to anyone who has more information
Published: Dec. 14, 2020 at 4:25 PM CST|Updated: Dec. 15, 2020 at 5:23 AM CST
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GREENSBORO, Vt. (WPTZ) – Alison McKnight and Steve Perkins knew something wasn’t right when their 11-year-old pup Cassidy wasn’t waiting for them on Friday morning.

“I came back home from my run and she wasn’t on the steps like she usually was,” McKnight said. “I had a bad feeling immediately.”

A short time later, the couple found their Alaskan husky shot to death in a field behind their home.

“She had been shot very unethically,” Perkins said. “If any of the rules that were already in place had been followed, she would still be here.”

Perkins and McKnight believe a hunter mistook Cassidy for a coyote and shot her from a car. There was not a single footprint in the snow near her body.

Vermont regulations prohibit hunting from a motor vehicle. The dog also was on posted land that bans hunting.

There’s a stigma against coyotes that causes hunters to shoot at the first thing they think looks like one, according to Brenna Galdemzi with Protect Our Wildlife.

“People are killing coyotes just because they hate them,” she said. “That’s everything that’s wrong in the world.”

McKnight and Perkins want to see the person who shot Cassidy brought to justice. They’re offering a $500 cash reward to anyone who has more information.

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