Eastern Iowa church claims to have the world’s largest cornucopia

Published: Nov. 23, 2020 at 12:02 AM CST
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Washington, Iowa (KCRG) -Marion Avenue Baptist Church in Washington, Iowa claims they have the world’s largest cornucopia, complete with a live turkey.

The display was part of the “Horn of Plenty Sunday”.

Building a large cornucopia is something the church started doing 45 years ago. But the tradition stopped about ten years ago. The church decided it was time to revive the celebration service and display, to bring back an attitude of being thankful.

“Because of this year in 2020 there’s a lot of negativity, there’s a lot of complaining, we’ve all done it, we’ve all been there right,” senior pastor Joseph Brown said. ”There’s been a lot of cancellations so I think that’s part of it. we’re just very excited to do something and have a great testimony of gratitude.”

Church members performed the tale of the first Thanksgiving at the event, where the display served as a backdrop. Pilgrims read the Thanksgiving Proclamation written in 1623 by William Bradford.

It took volunteers several days to construct the piece from metal rings and wood. Together, it is about 20 feet long.

The exhibit features 1,500 pounds of 17 different kinds of fruit.

“When we look at nature around us, the fruit of the ground, the animals that we get to enjoy, to see to take care of and to enjoy, all of the fruit Gods blessings, ” Brown said, “it is the picture of the ultimate gift of Jesus Christ giving himself for us.”

Church leaders searched for the largest cornucopia and say to their knowledge, theirs is the world’s largest. They are looking to submit it for a world record book.

The cornucopia will be up until November 25th.

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