Event spaces close following Governor’s new Covid-19 restrictions

Published: Nov. 18, 2020 at 6:28 PM CST
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Businesses across the state are closing their doors, at least for now, after new restrictions to slow the spread of Covid-19. On Monday, Governor Reynolds issued a public health proclamation, limiting indoor gatherings to 15 people.

“All literally within probably an hour, we had all of our events for the rest of the year postponed,” Stephanie Neighbor Kubik said.

Kubik owns the Eastbank Venue & Lounge in Cedar Rapids. The new limitations on gatherings halts operations for event spaces like hers.

“Our values are that of course we want to do the safest thing for the community, it’s the right thing to do,” she said.

Kubik said she will comply with the new restrictions, but it won’t be easy. That’s after business was already slow throughout the pandemic.

“We count on the income. Obviously rent is not free, so you know, honestly we are looking short term, hoping things will change or we will get some sort of assistance,” she said.

The space had six weddings booked through the end of the year. Eastbanks’s Director of Event Operations, Ellie Carver said before the limitation, they took some safety precautions.

“We obviously have a large space that we can accommodate social distancing, but people are just not comfortable, they want to do the right thing too. We are just waiting to kind of get the green light that it’s going to be safe to move forward with events,” Carver said.

They don’t know when they can start planning events for the future, unsure if the health proclamation will be extended. Making for an uncertain future.

“It’s nearly impossible right now, we feel like we are literally on hold and we have just felt that way for a while, because we want to plan events,” Kubik said.

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