It’s been a dream come true for this Hawkeye family to have cutout at Kinnick

Published: Nov. 10, 2020 at 10:59 PM CST
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - 2020 has been hard on a lot of Hawkeye fans not being able to attend games at Kinnick Stadium but for one Hawkeye family it has been a dream come true.

“I have been going to games since I was five years old so approximately 47 years” said Jeff Corrigan. “It has been kind of like family. It is like Field of dreams for us."

Jeff Corrigan’s dad started bringing him to Hawkeye games when he was a little boy and he wanted to do the same with his son, Ryan.

“When Ryan came into our lives I was overjoyed to have a little boy and share the thrills at Kinnick Stadium that I had.” Corrigan said.

“At nine months he was shaken by a daycare provider and that was difficult. The reality was they flew him from Cedar Rapids to the University of Iowa hospitals with a quarter of his blood supply in his skull and they saved his life. His bed in the pediatric care center overlooked a snow covered Kinnick Stadium. My dreams of him joining us were kind of shattered there.” Corrigan explained.

Ryan has shared his dad’s love of the Hawkeyes and has even got to hang out with some of the players and Herky but because of his brain injury he not able to attend games.

“He has difficulty was loud sounds. A lot of temperature variation so we couldn’t take him to games,” Corrigan said. “We tried him out on different things we tried him out on family days which he could enjoy that for a short period of time.”

When Iowa announced their plans to have cardboard cutout fans at games, Jeff’s eyes lit up.

“I saw that and a light bulb went off, an answered prayer could happen for us here.” Corrigan said. “Maybe not how we expected it but he could be in Kinnick for a fall season in 2020. He lives in a group home and he’s kind of locked down but for one year in 2020 he could be sitting between his dad and his grandpa.”

Jeff bought a cardboard cut out of all three of them to enjoy the games together right next to each other in Kinnick stadium.

“We are looking for him every Saturday now. It is kind of a dream come true in an unusual way. A lot of people might think the cut outs are a little funny but for me it’s an answered prayer”

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