Local business encouraging people not to wear face coverings amid rising COVID 19 cases

Local business encouraging people not to wear face coverings amid rising COVID 19 cases
Published: Nov. 5, 2020 at 10:25 PM CST
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ARLINGTON, Iowa (KCRG) - Despite the constant calls from local health leaders and signs at just about every store to wear a mask, one business in Arlington is sending a different message, no mask, no problem.

Sitting on the corner of Main street, east street, and south street in Arlington is the only gas station in this Fayette County town, 6 Corners Gas. In its front window is a sign that reads “No masks required, please remove before entering. Thank you.”

“It’s not a state requirement that people wear masks,” says Dawn Sage, a neighbor to the gas station. “It’s their store, it’s privately-owned. If they choose to tell someone to take their masks off that should be their right.”

Sage is right, it isn’t a requirement to wear a mask. She’s one of many neighbors I spoke with who have differing views about the request posted on the store’s front door, but all agree with health experts wearing a mask helps slow the spread.

“I work in the public, so I wear a mask when I’m in people’s homes,” Sage says.

The Fayette County Department of Public Health contacted the establishment to try and educate the owners after we showed them a picture of the sign.

“As we see numbers increase across the state, it is important to make sure you’re social distancing and wearing masks when you’re around other individuals that are not in your household,” says Fayette County Department of Public Health Coordinator Jessica Wegner.

Despite the county’s efforts at slowing the spread, the sign is still posted, and enforcement is out of her hands.

“Throughout this pandemic, I think we’ve all learned that you can do your best to help educate others, but at some point, it becomes a responsibility for these individuals to take in the process and apply it to their daily life,” Wegner says.

While she says it is people’s choice, she hopes more will reach out to wear a mask like Sage.

“I wear a mask because I work in the public,” she says.

We did reach out to the owners of 6 Corners Gas and are waiting to hear back.

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