Tristan Wirf’s mother steps down from job to travel, watch rookie season with Tampa Bay

Published: Oct. 30, 2020 at 9:42 AM CDT
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MOUNT VERNON, Iowa (KCRG) - Sarah Wirfs spent 28 years working at Target to help raise her two children Tristan and Kalia.

Sarah stepped down recently, so she could travel to watch her 6′5″, 320 pound son Tristan play in his rookie season protecting Tom Brady in Tampa.

“It’s been really nice having the opportunity to go and actually physically see him," Sarah said.

Working her tail off as a single mom, Sarah deserves a little fun in the sun. And besides she really missed the son she calls, “Big T.”

“I was such a big part of his whole career,” she said. “Football games in high school and all of his activities. I got so nervous and stressed out because I thought, oh my goodness, he’s in the NFL now and I’m not going to be able to see him at the games. Just being able to be there has been the most rewarding thing. That was the first time I’ve ever been to an NFL game.”

Sarah has been one of the lucky few to get to watch NFL football in person this year.

“It was a little bit different atmosphere, used to being jam packed into Kinnick, the noise level being off the charts,” she said.

One advantage of only a few fans is it is easier for Tristan to find his mom in stands.

It’s kind of ingrained in him that he is always looking for mom," she said. “So that’s the first thing he does when you see him out there on the field. He is scanning the stands for mom and whoever is with me. So, again, it’s just the best feeling in the world seeing him look for you and then spot you and he’s excited and we’re excited.”

After every game, the Wirfs have their own family pizza party.

“Kind of a little routine now that’s fun," she said. “We have our post-game, hopefully, victory pizza every time, but either way.”

Tristan is having a great rookie season going up against some the best defensive lineman in the NFL.

“That [Khalil] Mack game [against the Chicago Bears] was a little rough so,” she said. “Of course that’s the only thing that’s going to get focused on. He held his own against one of the absolute top. That is the only thing people remember. Of course, I immediately went to the wrestling. I thought, he rolled out of that, that’s a wrestling warm-up. He does that all the time. It’s no big deal.”

When Tristan was in Kindergarten he wrote on his very important person poster that he wanted to be a football player and it warms Sarah’s heart to see her son living out his dream.

“It’s still just doesn’t seem real every time you think about it,” she said. “It still gets me every time I see him standing there, because of course, he’s always in the huddle right next to Tom Brady. I’m like, that’s my kid. That is the most exciting thing to be able to experience that and to see that he’s living his dream and excelling and just having a great time.”

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