i9 Fact Checker: Super PAC misleads voters on Biden’s health care and climate change plans

Published: Oct. 23, 2020 at 4:58 AM CDT
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - The second and final Presidential Debate occurred on Thursday, but political ads won’t stop until after election day on November 3rd.

Source: This ad featuring a fake Joe Biden called “Digging” is from the Preserve American Political Action Committee.

The group, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, has spent more than $76 million against Joe Biden. Politico reported Sheldon Adelson, who owns the Venetian Casino in Las Vegas and is a Republican megadonor, contributed 90 percent of the group’s funding with a $75 Million donation.

Claim #1: “For 47 years, Joe Biden’s been Digging a hole for American Workers, Biden Voted to ship our jobs overseas, he raised our taxes and imposed costly regulations on small businesses.”

Analysis: The ad goes after Joe Biden’s more than 40-year career in politics and claims during that time he voted to ship out jobs overseas, raise taxes, and created regulations on small businesses with no citations.

Our i9 Fact Checkers reached out to Preserve America PACs' Custodian of Records and Treasurer for their version of the facts but didn’t hear back.

These claims are extremely broad and could probably be said about any politician over a 40-year period. At the same time, over those 40 years, taxes went up and down along with job growth and regulations.

Conclusion: This claim is extremely broad with no evidence to back up their claims. We’re giving it a D.

Claim #2: “Now Biden wants a $4 trillion tax increase...”

Analysis: The $4 trillion number comes from an analysis from the Tax Policy Center, which describes itself as a nonpartisan think tank based in Washington D.C.

The group used a proposal from February 2020 that said the Vice Presidents' plan would raise taxes by nearly $4 trillion over the next decade. Nearly all the tax increases would be paid by the highest-income households, according to the group.

Half of the increase would come from households that make more than $400,000 and the other half would come from raising business taxes, like the corporate tax rate.

The group also said the middle class would see a .4% decrease in their after-tax incomes. Those who make less would see their incomes decrease by about .2%.

Those losses in income would come from declines in wages from Biden increasing business taxes, according to the group.

Other groups, like the University of Pennsylvania-Wharton Budget Model and the Tax Foundation, have estimated the tax increase would be lower.

Conclusion: The claim lacks context on who is paying for the increase, but the claim itself is true and why it gets an A.

Claim #3: “...a government takeover of health care..."

Analysis: A government takeover of health care has been a common criticism of Medicare-for-All.

Medicare-For-All would create a national health insurance program for people to enter and eliminate private insurance.

But Biden doesn’t support Medicare-for-all. Instead, according to his campaign website, he supports a public option.

Biden’s version of the public option would operate like medicare, where private insurance and employer given insurance would still exist. But, people would have the option to buy into a government-run plan as well.

It’s also worth noting many people already have Medicaid and Medicare. Both are government-run healthcare programs.

In other countries, some governments own hospitals and control the entire health care system. But this is not Joe Biden’s plan for health care.

Conclusion: Biden’s plan does add more government control in health care. However, the ad misrepresents his stance on the issue and why it gets a D.

Claim #4: “..and a Green New Deal.”

Analysis: The Green New Deal is a nonbinding resolution of different proposals and reforms to address climate change and economic inequality.

Those include goals to get to net-zero carbon emissions, meeting 100 percent of the country’s power demand through renewable energy sources, and Medicare-For-All.

Joe Biden does not support the Green New Deal. However, he does support some parts of the Green New Deal. His campaign website calls it a “crucial framework for meeting the climate challenges we face”.

His plan, which he called after the Debate “The Biden Green Deal”, for climate change does borrow from different parts of the Green New Deal including ensuring the U.S. reaches net-zero emissions no later than 2050.

But he does not support other proposals in the bill from the progressive side of the Democratic Party like Medicare-For-All.

Conclusion: Biden does support parts of the Green New Deal, but it’s not the one proposed from more progressive wings of the party. This claim gets a B.

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