Dubuque leaders come together to get the Black community to the polls

Published: Oct. 17, 2020 at 8:34 AM CDT
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DUBUQUE, Iowa (KCRG) - In a year with much racial unrest across the country, Anthony Allen, with the Dubuque NAACP, says the only way the Black community can see the change it needs is if it gets out and votes.

“Oftentimes, especially in minority communities, particularly the Black community, we often say our vote does not count and that is a fallacy,” Allen said. “If the Black community is voting itself, when it comes to talking about issues that concern Brown and Black folks, these individuals will come and talk to Brown and Black folks and will not talk to the general public, you know, in a generic form.”

Allen said people should also recognize the importance of voting locally.

“It might be much more important than voting nationally, because we are talking about school board, we are talking about the city council, we are talking about the county board of supervisors,” Allen said. “These are the individuals who happen to make the decisions that affect your life daily in Dubuque, Iowa.”

That is something that Dereka Williams understands. She has organized many of the racial justice protests in Dubuque and now she and her team are organizing a week-long event coming into Election Day.

“The reason is to get our Black community to get it be excited about voting and coming down and understanding the importance about voting and how it will directly affect us and our children in the future," Williams said.

The events include education sessions on how and where to vote and meetings with both Democrat and Republican candidates.

“We cannot just vote because they are a Democrat or vote because they are a Republican," Williams said. "We need to know their plan, we need to know how it is going to help us in our community so that we can grow.”

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