Alliant Energy customers potentially overcharged, will see bills adjusted in September

Published: Sep. 9, 2020 at 9:49 AM CDT
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - Alliant Energy customers were potentially overcharged on their August energy bill and the energy company will adjust customers' bills to reflect the overcharge during the next billing cycle.

The overcharge, which could be collectively worth thousands of dollars, occurred after people were charged a “basic service charge” every day.

It’s a charge on every Alliant Energy customers' bill for around 50 cents a day. However, thousands of people were without service for multiple days after the derecho.

Donald Tormey, who is the spokesperson for the Iowa Utilities Board, said there is no ruling if the charge applies when a service outage is occurring. However, Alliant says it will credit the overcharge in each customer’s bill for as many days that the customer was without power.

Andrew Cardon, who is an attorney for Alliant Energy, notified the Iowa Utility Board it will adjust customers' bills that were affected by the derecho on August 10.

“This adjustment will appear as a credit on the customer’s next monthly bill," he said.

Cardon said the company will be using advanced metering infrastructure to identify those customers who were identified by the storm.

Alliant Energy also said some customers received an estimated bill that didn’t account for their actual usage because the company used an estimated meter read.

Morgan Hawk, who is a spokesperson for Alliant, said that occurred when the energy couldn’t read a meter because it was damaged or there was no power.

He said those affected customers are receiving a corrected bill that accounts for their actual usage.

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