T-shirt sale raises thousands of dollars for derecho recovery

Published: Aug. 30, 2020 at 10:00 PM CDT
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MARION, Iowa (KCRG) - People across Iowa are still trying to recover from the powerful derecho that ripped through on August 10th. Since then, many others are looking for any way to help their neighbors through that process.

“We put it out there, you know, who would be interested and we had so many people interested in t-shirts,” Brooke Schimdt said.

Brooke Schimdt and Jeni Crawford of Marion met for the first time Wednesday, but for the last three weeks, they’ve worked together all online selling t-shirts and decals.

“It’s got corn, because that all went flat. And then it had power lines because all of that went flat,” Jeni said.

Jeni came up with the design, which Brooke saw on Facebook, and then reached out, thinking it would look great on a t-shirt to raise money for those impacted by storm damage.

“I couldn’t lift the logs off the people houses, I can’t do that kind of stuff, but I can get behind the computer and do what I can to help other people,” Brooke Schimdt.

With the help of a printing company making the shirts at cost, the pair have already sold almost 1,000 shirts and 250 decals – raising thousands of dollars.

“Did you ever think that could happen,” a TV Nine reporter asked.

“No, I thought maybe $200 or $300 dollars, you know, but $6,000 dollars that’s going right back into the community,” Brooke said.

Their ‘Iowa Strong’ design keeps all Iowans in mind.

“We have the black and gold, the red and gold, and the purple and gold to represent all the three universities,” Brooke said.

The pair decided to donate all of the money raised to the nonprofit, Iowa Giving Crew. They tell TV9 all of the donations they receive goes right back into the community to provide warm meals and help those hardest hit in their recovery.

“What Marion had done for each other and people were walking out of their houses right after it happened to pull trees off their houses, to get their kids out of harm, we are an awesome community,” Brooke said.

While they said they are thrilled their fundraiser has taken off, there’s also one more result to be thankful for.

“Not only did we do this, but we got a friendship out of it too,” Brooke said.

You can learn more about the fundraiser by contacting Jeni Crawford or Brooke Schimdt on Facebook.

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