Marion family lose their house and both their vehicles in derecho storm

Published: Aug. 19, 2020 at 9:21 AM CDT
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MARION, Iowa (KCRG) - It’s been over a week now since winds of more than 100 miles per hour tore across Iowa creating a path of destruction more than 40 miles wide.

So much of Linn County, Cedar Rapids and other cities are facing weeks and months of cleanup.

This includes one Marion neighborhood that took a direct hit from the storm.

“We could see the wind was picking up, so we went down to the lower level, and we just gotten down there when we heard kind of a big crash,” Marion resident Starr Moyer said.

“And noises were occurring,” Fred Moyer said. “My wife said, ‘I heard something that didn’t sound right check it out.‘”

When Fred Moyer came up to check out what happened to his house he couldn't believe his eyes.

“I went upstairs and didn’t understand why there was a breeze in the house,” Fred said. “I looked up and there was nothing but sky and rain. It was hard to take in.”

“Almost immediately we got people pounding on the door and pounding on the side of the garage because it looks so bad from the street,” Starr Moyer said. “Is anybody in there, is anybody in there?”

Not only did the Moyer’s lose their house, they also lost both their vehicles.

“The cars are trapped in the structure right now,” Fred said. “There’s no way to get to them the back door is wrapped around the back in and the roof structure is caved on the fronts.”

The Moyer’s have relocated to a hotel in Monticello.

“The displacement if it was temporary it wouldn’t be that hard but when the storm hit me basically grabbed some clothes and make sure we at ability to function for a day or two,” Fred said. “We didn’t quite realize how bad it was going to be.”

The Moyer’s are dealing with their insurance company to figure out if the home is a total loss.

“Was it going to be repaired in 3 to 4 months, which was their original estimate, or well they have to knock it down?” Fred asked.

The Moyers were able to rescue some of their valued possessions from the house thanks to some volunteers who showed up to help.

“They were about five or six cars,” Fred said. “They loaded up a lot of what was inside and moved it to my daughters garage.”

“We probably had 25 to 30 people here including people who just happen to be driving by and saw it was going on and came in to help,” Starr said.

Even though the house was shattered it didn’t shatter the Moyer’s spirit.

“We just feel very fortunate nobody was hurt,” Starr said. “There were a lot of good people that came out to help us. We will work the rest out.”

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