Cedar Rapids Schools gives parents 3 options for back-to-school

Published: Jul. 31, 2020 at 1:10 PM CDT
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - Parents in the Cedar Rapids Community School District will have three options for their students to go back to school when classes resume on August 24th.

The district sent out a detailed Return-to-Learn plan to parents Friday detailing the three options: in-person, short-term virtual, permanent virtual. Parents must pick the option they want for their students. You can read the full details by clicking here.

The district warns that the guidance and options may change throughout the year as conditions change.

“I also understand that our district’s final plan may not make everyone happy,” Superintendent Noreen Bush states in the guidance to families. “Opinions, perspectives and voiced concerns are inevitable within our community. In our Return to Learn plan, we have developed quality options and allow our families to decide what is best for them.”


The in-person option would group students into cohorts that would isolate groups of students together from the rest of the building. The way those cohorts will function will vary from Elementary to Middle School, while High School students will alternate in-person days with at-home, remote learning days. The goal of each remains the same: limit how many people students and staff come into contact with each day.

The in-person option would require students and staff follow safety procedures, like wearing masks, social distancing and frequent hand washing and sanitation.


This is described as a fully online option for families who want students to learn from home. It does not specify how long this temporary remote option can be used. The district says the online options are significantly more structured than what took place this past spring with mandatory attendance and other requirements.

For elementary and middle school students, this will be a single school taught by teachers from various buildings, not necessarily the student’s home building. Teacher teams will work together for online courses specific to each grade level.

For high school students, teachers from their regular high school will lead classes and follow the same schedule of alternative structured class with remote learning options as in-person students.


Simply put, this is the Virtual Academy the district launched this year. This is a fully online, accredited academic program. This is only available to middle and high school students, however. This is different than the short-term virtual option. The Virtual Academy is a self-paced curriculum developed specifically for online learning by a state-approved vendor, Edgenuity.

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