Audio provides conflicting Breonna Taylor case narratives

Published: Jul. 10, 2020 at 7:47 AM CDT
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(CNN) - Newly released audio from the Breonna Taylor investigation gives conflicting accounts of the night she died.

The 26-year-old EMT was fatally shot by police in March after officers broke down her apartment door during a narcotics investigation.

There is conflicting information about whether police identified themselves first.

In an interview with Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, on the night of the shooting he described hearing multiple knocks and both he and Taylor shouting, “who is it?” to no response.

He said the couple approached the door together, and when it suddenly came “off the hinges,” and he fired off one shot.

Walker said that’s when a “lot of shots” were fired, and the two dropped to the floor.

The newly released tapes also include an interview with Sergeant Jon Mattingly, from March 25.

He offered a different account, maintaining officers did identify themselves repeatedly before breaking down the door.

“But while he was doing that we were still announcing ‘Police! Come to the door! Police! Search warrant!’ And we banged, probably banged on the door, six or seven different time periods, not six or seven times, but six or seven different times,” Mattingly said. “What seems like an eternity when you’re up at a doorway. It probably lasted between 45 seconds and a minute banging on the door. And at that time I looked back at Lieutenant Hoover and he says, ‘I guess, go ahead and hit it.’”

Outrage over Taylor’s death became part of a larger global outcry after the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis in May.

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