Four Oaks revitalizing homes in Wellington Heights

Published: Jul. 7, 2020 at 5:38 AM CDT
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - Four Oaks in Cedar Rapids is starting their revitalization project in Wellington Heights back up during the pandemic. Since the 2008 flood, they have flipped more than 100 homes there. The new home they just finished working on is at 1501 Bever Avenue.

Before it was fixed, it was an eyesore in the neighborhood. Leaders at Four Oaks say people asked them to flip the home.

“This corner particularly is a busy corner in the neighborhood, you know being on Bever and 15th,” said Project Manager David O’Clair. “A lot of people have pointed out over the years, “gosh I wish you would do something to this house.” We finally had an opportunity and we did.”

In total it's a three bedroom, one bathroom house with a basement. It's got a new Air conditioner and furnace. Leaders say it could make a good first home for somebody. Donations helped the nonprofit fix it up.

The goal of the projects is to increase single family ownership and decrease crime. Police say burglaries and robberies have gone down since Four Oaks started flipping homes in Wellington Heights. Four Oaks says it helps people take pride in their neighborhood. “You have that ownership pride when you own the property,” said Chief Advocacy Officer Debbie Craig. “It’s just a different culture than when you have blocks and blocks of families of when you have multiple families renting in the same building.”

They hope to flip more than 15 homes over the next 5 years. This home will go on the market sometime next week. More information on the home can be found here:

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