Black bear spotted in Iowa cornfield

A black bear was caught hanging out in an Iowa cornfield.
A black bear was caught hanging out in an Iowa cornfield.(CNN)
Updated: Jun. 16, 2020 at 12:37 PM CDT
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DELMAR, Iowa (CNN) - Spotting a bear in the mountains or in the woods somewhere seems pretty normal, but in a cornfield in Iowa?

That’s a little more surprising. A surprise worth a few snapshots for sure.

At one point, black bears were actually native to the Hawkeye state.

It was a picture perfect Sunday. Janet Turpen was on her way to Easton Valley with little xander.

“We were stopped on Highway 136 and saw a bear crossing the road,” said Janet Turpen, who spotted the bear.

A black bear in the open corn fields of Delmar, Iowa.

This Montana native knew that was sight.

“I had my camera with me so it was the perfect opportunity to capture a bear on film,” Turpen said.

Jeff Harrison with the Iowa DNR says, thanks to social media, black bears in Iowa seem to appear more often.

“In the last 5 years, we’re probably receiving 2 to 3 reports a year now, whereas 10 years ago maybe once every 2 years," Harrison said.

He says this species, once native to Iowa, is attracted to corn or grain on barges.

“And they’re just eating and then, barge is moving down the river, when they get full they roll off and whatever bank they swim to that’s kind of the state they’re in for a little bit," Harrison said.

If you see one, keep your distance.

“Photograph it, take a picture, do whatever you want to do with that - just leave it be, it’s going to go on its way," he said.

The bear will eventually make it’s way back north.

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