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Beth Malicki's explains how you can take part in the upcoming gubernatorial debate sponsored by KCRG-TV9,, The Gazette &

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Victor says ... on Wednesday, Jan 19 at 8:30 AM

Yes lets not forget Iowa insurance Division board whom failed to follow up on 2 different fraud claims and fail to follow up yet let blue cross and consider it a rate increase. also let auto ins collect unlimited amount of free money each month.

Victor says ... on Wednesday, Jan 19 at 7:39 AM

Get Rid City officials that says snow has to be removed off sidewalks from home owners, But yet let Jordan Creek and other malls casino's and business get away with out taking all the way down to cement , what is good for the goose is good for

Victor says ... on Wednesday, Jan 19 at 7:36 AM

Law Maker whom wanna allow people to defend them self by giving gun permits. when economy is so bad that people are there stealing to stay alive. Nothing like having someone come home drinking and shooting there partner. IWF WROKERS WHO RETURN CALLS.

Victor says ... on Wednesday, Jan 19 at 7:30 AM

Brandstand says 700 new state employees are to many, get rid of State workers whom do nothing, Dot employees take 4 people to do a 2 person job. CSR dept who cost the state, collecting from a person whom works 3 jobs and they collect and go to court

MARY says ... on Thursday, Oct 7 at 7:07 PM

CHARACTER - How are we supposed to trust any politician? History proves that most politicians do not follow thru with their promises. Can we trust you?

Jan S says ... on Thursday, Oct 7 at 5:21 PM

I would like to ask if the FILM incentive will return? It was a Multi million dollar industry that brought high paying jobs and money to our state!

Melissa says ... on Thursday, Oct 7 at 2:56 PM

I would truly like to know how you plan to increase jobs, when Iowa Works is currently understaffed, receive at least 400 phone calls a day for just Linn County alone and still don't have time to return calls. How is this helping the unemployment?

Jerry N says ... on Thursday, Oct 7 at 1:05 PM

If state workers wages and benefits are lowered will you make sure that taxes (property and sales) are also lowered to reflect the cost of living accordingly?

Susan says ... on Thursday, Oct 7 at 10:31 AM

As Governor, you pushed through the preschool grant funding to make preschool more affordable - yet in Johnson county I pay $700 a month for pre-k in public schools. How are you going to fix the program and how would Brandstad do it differently.

Mary says ... on Thursday, Oct 7 at 7:58 AM

We have had a min wage increase What are the plans for other workers who haven't had a cost of living increases in years ? We too are struggling

s snyder says ... on Wednesday, Oct 6 at 10:16 PM

My son just graduated from college and would like to stay in the state and work. He has been unable to find a job and may have to move out of state to find employment. What can you do to help young people stay in the state and raise families here?

A. Madison says ... on Wednesday, Oct 6 at 9:44 PM

What can you do to help improve nursing wages. Iowa's wages are some of the lowest in the nation.

tina pledge says ... on Wednesday, Oct 6 at 9:37 PM

What could you do to help flood victims get there money faster for there houses? It is a slow process and some won't get there money till next year what can you do to help them.

Mary says ... on Wednesday, Oct 6 at 8:49 PM

In regard to abortion , are you Pro-Life or Pro Choice? Do you believe it is wrong to use cells form aborted babies for stem cell research?

Concerned Parent says ... on Wednesday, Oct 6 at 8:25 PM

This Question is to Terry Brandstand: I have been hearing lots of people saying that you want to get rid of pre-school for our school districts. Why would you want to do this? Are you trying to deprive our kids from a bright future?

Steve says ... on Wednesday, Oct 6 at 8:25 PM

How are you going to create a job?

Chris says ... on Wednesday, Oct 6 at 7:25 PM

Why are the state and city of Cedar Rapids spending so much of the taxpayers money (through bonds, unapproved by taxpayers in CR) on prisons and jails? The cost to house prisoner's for 1-year is more than most teacher's salary.

Janet Peters says ... on Wednesday, Oct 6 at 6:44 PM

To Branstad: Your administration always seemed to be at war with public education. I hear that you will discontinue the pre-K school funding that has been a priority for Gov. Culver. How can you justify killing such a valuable educational program?

Janet Peters says ... on Wednesday, Oct 6 at 6:25 PM

Question to Branstad: During the 16-years you were in office as governor of Iowa, why did your administration keep two sets of books? If you were/are honest, wouldn't one set of books have been enough?

Marc Van Dee says ... on Wednesday, Oct 6 at 5:06 PM

Mr Branstad, What gives you the right to RAID my IPERS fund?? Can I raid your retirement fund?? What am I suppose to live on when I retire?

choking says ... on Wednesday, Oct 6 at 4:08 PM

will you ban smoking in casino's?

TERRY WAYCHOFF says ... on Wednesday, Oct 6 at 3:24 PM


MaryJane says ... on Wednesday, Oct 6 at 3:17 PM

To both: Are you going to make legalizing Marijuana for medical purposes a priority? So many people could benefit from it and there are 15 other states to mimic laws by..why is it such a huge deal to get this moving forward?

Peter S. says ... on Wednesday, Oct 6 at 10:59 AM

Mr. Branstad your ads make much of "3000" jobs created when you were Governor. They don't mention that it took 16 years to happen. At your old rate it will take over 10 years to create the 2000 new jobs you promise. What will you change?

Richard Tjarks says ... on Wednesday, Oct 6 at 10:23 AM

Discounting any temporary or government expanding jobs. How many jobs has government intervention created above small business, or the private sector?

Kevin L says ... on Wednesday, Oct 6 at 10:14 AM

Both of you point at each other about unemployment, and to yourselves on job creation. But Bureau of Labor Statistics clearly show that these are tied much more to the general economic situation than to who is governor. How do you respond to that?

Michele says ... on Wednesday, Oct 6 at 7:12 AM

In a Gazette article Monday you stated you wanted to decrease state employees pay. Does this include the governor's and legislators pay, teachers and law enforcement. Do you realize if these peoples pay is decreased they will leave the state?

mark merritt says ... on Wednesday, Oct 6 at 5:42 AM

While you were the state top law enforcement official, your son, Eric, was responsible for the death of people in a car accident. Anyone else would have gone to jail. Are you an "accessory after the fact" for interceding or just soft on crime?

Freder says ... on Wednesday, Oct 6 at 12:26 AM

Terry, You've been very critical of Gov Culver on the job he has done as govenor of our state. You talk about what you did 20 years ago, but what have you done the past five to six years? As a former govenor, what did you do to promote the state?

Ronald Hanson says ... on Wednesday, Oct 6 at 12:03 AM

Branstad has indicated he would tax social security benefits or privatize social security. Is this true? Then what is Culver's position on social security?

bob says ... on Tuesday, Oct 5 at 10:23 PM

Mr. Brandstad, exactly what benefits are you proposing to cut for state employees, and which jobs. We have already lost in the DHS.

Kurt says ... on Tuesday, Oct 5 at 8:21 PM

When you were governor in 1991, your son killed two people in a car accident. You made sure he only got a slap on the wrist for this. Now that you are running fo governor again, has your credibility improved since 1991?

Randoplh says ... on Tuesday, Oct 5 at 8:12 PM

Terry, You had your chance, why do you think the people of Ia would want you back

Ben Dover says ... on Tuesday, Oct 5 at 10:09 AM

Mr. Branstad: What would it take for you to shave your mustache?

lois says ... on Tuesday, Oct 5 at 8:03 AM

what are you willing to do to help the disabled and elderly ? instead of taking away from them like you did before, why should we pay you more retirement benifit then we do now,this is for branstad

Ann says ... on Tuesday, Oct 5 at 5:23 AM

Mr. Branstad, If you become governor, what will happen to the task force assigned to Lake Delhi and what do you see your role as governor in helping that area?

Lucky Lady says ... on Monday, Oct 4 at 8:48 PM

Is there a way to begin using renewable energies at a more rapid pace that will also help with job growth. We need to make a major shift in the way we think about our environment, what's your plan on how to best achive this?

Julie says ... on Monday, Oct 4 at 8:27 PM

Mr. Brandstad - You have previously stated that if you became Governor, you would cut state employees by 15%. Could you please provide more details about this - which agencies, management or labor and what would the time frame be? Thank you.

Julie says ... on Monday, Oct 4 at 8:17 PM

Mr. Brandstad - You have stated previously stated that if you became governor, you would cut state employees by 15%. Can you give more details about your plan? i.e - which agencies, management or labor, number of staff, etc.

Mike says ... on Monday, Oct 4 at 1:50 PM

Why must today's politicians run negitive ads to try and win?

Denny says ... on Monday, Oct 4 at 12:09 PM

Is gasoline without ethanol (for antique vehicles & lawn equipment) going to be available for the foreseable future?

Crystal says ... on Monday, Oct 4 at 10:02 AM

Question for Terry Brandstadt. Mr. Brandstadt has said he will increase family incomes by 25%. How are you planning on doing that and in what timeframe? says ... on Monday, Oct 4 at 8:24 AM

need help in getting Jumpstart funding for 2008 flood survivors to complete repairs. We were allowed rehab funds but can't get them because contractors want money upfront and then we are supposed to be reimbursed. We can't pay out of pocket.

Audley says ... on Monday, Oct 4 at 6:19 AM

I see both of you talking about jobs. One say he made a lot of them(a long way from a recession), the other about creating them in the time of a recession. What can a Gov. do to create jobs? No secret plans allowed, a real answer, or a no clue, OK?

Sarah Furnish says ... on Sunday, Oct 3 at 11:35 PM

The US Army Corps of Engineers stated that C.R.'s west side flood mitigation plan has a high risk of failure. Do you condone how the city treats residents within the Green Way and Construction Zones in Cedar Rapids using state tax dollars?

Construction says ... on Sunday, Oct 3 at 8:28 PM

What is your plans for future Road Construction/rehabilitation in iowa?

Richmond says ... on Saturday, Oct 2 at 10:37 PM

alot of people are unemployed ,most of them are disbaled, in one way or another, either physically, or mentally, and they can't find jobs, and when they do find jobs, the darn pay is so low that can't support themselves ,so are you going to help them

paul says ... on Saturday, Oct 2 at 9:06 PM

how are u going to feel when iowa fires u

123 says ... on Saturday, Oct 2 at 1:39 PM

so is branstad running simply so he can replace senator grassley after he retires during the next 6 years?

ron says ... on Saturday, Oct 2 at 10:45 AM

I want to know...from Terry his son can kill 2 people in a car crash...and have the drug/alcohol tests magically disappear? The chain of custody of those drug/alcohol tests really needs to be looked into. How many samples are lost?

APAC employees says ... on Saturday, Oct 2 at 7:00 AM

IA's at will needs to be changed. Many of us are being denied FMLA leave and are being fired over it. We want the harassment ended and our jobs back ASAP!

ytdjtydtytyuddtutydyytrsrstrtj says ... on Saturday, Oct 2 at 12:52 AM

y r u guys posting yor ? on here? yor supposed to mak a video of yorself

person says ... on Saturday, Oct 2 at 12:50 AM

can i have a hundred bucks????????

Deb says ... on Friday, Oct 1 at 11:14 PM

In what sectors do you plan to create jobs? Hopefully they will be something else besides construction or road jobs. What will the priorities be in your administration?

Stephanie says ... on Friday, Oct 1 at 3:56 PM

my question is.... what each of the candidates plan to do for college, high school, and elementary education?

Cindy says ... on Friday, Oct 1 at 1:30 PM

Both of you having previous experience in the iowa Governor position -- wha tis the one thing you would do differntly in this term?

Eleisha says ... on Friday, Oct 1 at 12:47 PM

Why must politicians act like children with name calling and sniping at each other, negative campaigning I think it's called? It turns voters off, and gets in the way of issues. I you all worked together, issues might actually be resolved.

Kirk says ... on Friday, Oct 1 at 12:05 PM

Is the funding of Iowa's bike trails a priority for you?

Robert says ... on Monday, Sep 27 at 11:38 PM

Are ALL the candidates going to be included in this debate?

KevinL says ... on Monday, Sep 27 at 9:50 AM

Your ads say that there are 114,000 Iowans out of work and you plan to create 200,000 jobs. Who's going to work those other 86,000 jobs you create? And over what timeframe will they be created? It took you 16 years to create 300,000 jobs before.

Mary D. says ... on Thursday, Sep 23 at 3:42 PM

As a resident of the 100 year flood zone in Cedar Rapids: is there anything being considered, as a temporary flood protection, before the corps of engineers is given permission by Congress to do something more permanent, possibly years away?

Alex says ... on Thursday, Sep 23 at 12:48 PM

What was your reasoning for, as Governor, you went against the binding arbitors ruling that health care cost should be raised for AFSCME members as well as their salaries? You raised only the cost of health care not salaries. And lost the law suit.

Mary moravek says ... on Wednesday, Sep 22 at 10:14 PM

What do you see doing different to help Persons With Disabilities. Chet passed the law to reduce the Iowa Commisiion For Persons with disabilities from 22 to 7 representatives. This. Was Law for 40 years! How do pw/disabilities have a VOICE!!

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