You can book the Field of Dreams house

The house is available on for a little over $2,000 a night.

Blind church pianist celebrating 100th birthday

TV-9's Phil Reed explains how his faith and love for music helped him overcome a disability.

Fact check on billboard attacking Rep. Blum

We fact check a billboard along I380 that attacks Rep. Rod Blum's stance on tax reform.

Body found outside homeless shelter

Police are investigating after finding a body found outside a homeless shelter in Cedar Rapids.

First Alert Forecast

Look for skies to be partly cloudy through the night, as winds start to come out of the east-northeast. With a few more clouds, and a slightly stronger wind, fog should be less of an issue tonight, compared to last night.

Dinner of Champions

Go Cedar Rapids' dinner of champions is coming up.

Woman warning others on scam

A Davenport based water company is urging customers to be on the lookout for scammers. This is after a woman says a man pretending to be from the Iowa American water company stole $20,000 worth of cash and jewelry from her home.


Pinpoint Doppler Radar


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