Toddville Residents Will Get Cleanup Help a Lot Sooner than Expected

By Dave Franzman, KCRG-TV9

TODDVILLE, Iowa — The hard-hit community of Toddville in Linn County is going to get some storm cleanup help a lot sooner than expected. And it’s potentially coming from two different sources.

Originally, Linn County Supervisors told residents in the unincorporated community that county road crews would be available beginning the week of July 21st to haul away downed trees and debris after Monday’s storm. But for residents, that would have meant looking at the mess for another three weeks or hiring private contractors.

Residents complained about the wait. But they may like the alternative a lot better with volunteers and heavy equipment moving in on the Fourth of July holiday itself Friday.

Toddville residents, friends and family haven’t sat around waiting for assistance. They’ve been busy since the storm clearing what they can on their own. But it’s an overwhelming task as one resident, Carla Wimer, explained.

“We’re all plugging away at getting some of it burned. But there’s just too much,” she said.

County officials who heard the complaints came up with not one, but two different plans.

The first was a promise by Iowa Homeland Security to provide state trucks and inmate labor beginning Monday to aid the cleanup efforts. Then later on Thursday, a Palo contractor promised four trucks, two end loaders and volunteers for Toddville starting on the Fourth of July holiday itself.

Mike Goldberg, Linn County Emergency Management director, said if state equipment is used there is one catch. Residents have to get everything curbside for pickup.

“One of the things with debris removal is we deal with public property only. Get it down close to the right of way and then we can deal with it. As long as it’s near the right of way we can pick it up and get it out of there,” Goldberg said.

Either plan still means some work for Toddville residents. But as one said, it’s a better offer than we had before.

Linn County Supervisor John Harris said Ralston Construction of Palo made the commitment to send people and equipment to Toddville on Friday the 4th and Saturday as well. Harris said if enough gets done before Monday, then the county may call off the Homeland Security request for state trucks and inmate labor on Monday.

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