Storms Cut North Liberty Barbecue & Blues Short

By Chris Earl, KCRG-TV9

NORTH LIBERTY, Iowa — A full day of music and meat or — officially, the 2014 North Liberty Blues and Barbecue — a saucy Saturday at Centennial Park on the city’s west side — close to North Bend Elementary.

The day started with a 5-K in the sticky air so the afternoon and evening replenishment of ribs and other delicacies can balance out the sweat from earlier.

This is also a free event.

“Fabulous. We came right at the beginning at noon because we like BF Burt so much. He was playing with his band Big Medicine,” said Bonnie Winslow-Garvin of North Liberty.

Of course, while the event is free — the glory of a championship-winning barbecue product remains forever.

Judging wrapped up, just before the storms came, cutting the 2014 event short before the planned 10 p-m closing time.

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