State Troopers Ride Rails To Stop Traffic Violations at Tracks

By Sarah McCarthy, KCRG-TV9

WATERLOO, Iowa - Every 3 hours, a train hits a person or a vehicle somewhere in the United States.

To inform people, law enforcement officers in Waterloo worked Saturday to get the word out. They’re doing it through a program called Operation Lifesaver.

Saturday, officers sat at busy train crossings and even rode on rail carts to stop traffic violations at the tracks.

Senior Trooper Mark Sigwarth said he’s hoping this effort will help drivers be more cautious when they see flashing lights.

“Trains are big, they don’t stop on a dime, they can’t swerve to miss and avoid you, you have to have the utmost respect for a train. And it’s up to the individual driver or pedestrian to stay clear of those tracks,” Sigwarth said.

For a driver convicted of a violation at a train crossing, the fine is about $130.

Swigwarth said if someone is unclear exactly what the law is at a train crossing, to contact the Iowa State Patrol for information.

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