Made in Eastern Iowa: VuSee

By Ashley Hinson, KCRG-TV9

Parents of infants tend to run to the sound of their baby crying, and many parents rely on a baby monitor to know exactly what’s happening in their child’s room. Inventor and new dad Gerald Beranek quickly realized his baby monitor situation wasn’t cutting it, and wasn’t safe.

“Children were strangling themselves with the cords because they were on the crib or inside the crib.”

He wanted to be able to see the entire crib-- from a birdseye view. Thus, about a month before the arrival of baby Levi, the VuSee was also born.

“I actually designed it smaller and smaller to get it to print as fast as I could. I was just starting to get orders every day,” said Beranek.

An engineer, he whipped up a design for the product in about a half an hour. Then he printed it on a 3D printer in his home office. It’s been named one of 8 “Hot New Products” from the New York Baby show on the website “THE”.

The VuSee creates a corner shelf, and helps loft baby monitors out of harm’s way. “This allows you to not have to put a hole in your wall,” said Beranek, pointing to a function on the VuSee that lets you secure it to the wall without screws or nails. “It’s flexible to accommodate the different sizes,” he said, noting there are many different models of baby monitors.

The products are now injection molded, and each come with adhesive strips on the sides for easy installation and removal. Beranek’s now left his other job and is focusing on what’s in “Vu” with several other helpful household products in the pipeline. You can custom order the VuSee in a variety of colors. Some of Beranek’s other products are also available, including the Shelf-Let and K-Cup outlet cover.

You can find the VuSee online on Ebay or Etsy.

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