Made in Eastern Iowa: In Tolerance

By Ashley Hinson, KCRG-TV9

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa -- Special knobs, screws, connectors, chassis. “In Tolerance” is all about making specialty parts for other businesses.

“Many of our parts are round that we make,” said In Tolerance Owner Robert Becker. “We manufacture to their tolerance… their specifications.”

Aerospace, Military, and Medical. The parts are perfection. Safety and security depend on it.

“We take a human hair, and a human hair is about 2 thousandths of an inch thick. Many of our parts have to be in tolerance… less than 2 thousandths. Some of our parts, a tenth of that,” said Becker.

The company’s employees use finite machinery to carve from metal. “We would manufacture a part a part using a raw piece of aluminum,” said Becker. “Aluminum is very heavy.”

In Tolerance is a prime supplier to local companies like Rockwell Collins, and Integrated DNA technologies. The company’s parts are in use now on the Mars Rover, the International Space Station, and had been on all of the space shuttles.

“We’ve been told there’s satellites up there with our parts on it,” said Becker.

Parts of perfection— In Tolerance, and Made in Eastern Iowa.

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