Lake Delhi District Trustees Get Second Phase Construction Permit

By Brandi Bachman, KCRG-TV9

LAKE DELHI, Iowa - The permit for the second phase of construction on a local dam is now in the hands of the Lake Delhi District Trustees.

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources granted it to them last week for construction on a new spillway.

Construction is already underway on the first step of the project, with contractors fixing the concrete and replacing the flood gates.

Crews are replacing it after severe flooding broke the dam in 2010.

Leaders say the rain during the early stages of work made construction difficult, but good weather and low river levels are now making things easier.

“Our community is in the recovery mode,” Steve Leonard, president of the Lake Delhi Board of Trustees, said. “Our goal is to have a lake and a dam for recreational purposes to the public as soon as this spring to early summer.

Shirley Helmrichs, chairperson of the Delaware County Supervisors, says the completion of this project will be a positive asset to the area.

“This will affect commerce and businesses in Delaware County and our education and our future growth,” she said.

Leaders say getting this permit means everything is going according to plan, and hope to have work done by next July.

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