Hundreds Tour Nationally Known Peosta Dairy Farm

By Katie Wiedemann

PEOSTA, Iowa – The farmer in Peosta who is known for his top-notch milk, says his secret to success is how he treats his herd.

As part of the National Holstein Convention taking place in Dubuque this week, farmers from across the country toured the Rueter Dairy farm on Thursday.

Every one of the 750 cows at Dan Rueter’s dairy farm is just like another family member.

Rueter said, “Oh yeah, we’ve got names for some. Our kids name a bunch. “

Rueter and his father pride themselves on how well they treat each animal.

“The day they are born they are born in a straw bed that’s six inches deep. Then they go into calf pens and they’re fed whole milk for 6 weeks, “ said Rueter.

That kindness helps turn a profit. He says each of his cows produce about 96 pounds of milk each day.

Rueter says the average cow at some other farms produces closer to 75 pounds each day.

Another reason for that high number is because these cows are artificially inseminated.

Rueter said, “We don’t have bulls running around so it’s safer for us and we can also control a little bit of the genetic population as far as inbreeding and stuff like that.”

Visitors touring the farm say they’re taking note of the Rueter’s rituals.

Dairy Farmer John Dickinson of Hudson Falls, New York said, “This farm is known not only for well-bred cattle but also a very well-managed facility.”

“Dad and I have both believed it’s the little things that mattered,” said Rueter.

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