Geneva Tower Evacuated for Fire

By Max Walker, Digital Editor

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa - Firefighters responded to Geneva Tower, 310 5th Avenue SE, Tuesday afternoon. They reported heavy smoke and began evacuating the building. Several people standing outside the building said the smoke was coming from a fire on the third floor.

Cedar Rapids Public Safety Communications spokesman Greg Buelow said firefighters evacuated about 100 people from Geneva Tower, and one was taken to the hospital for treatment of possible smoke inhalation.

“It was kinda scary...somebody talking on the intercom saying we were having a fire and that everybody had to get out,” said Melissa Long, who lives on the second floor. “There were quite a few people that were panicked because they were looking for other people that live here. We have some people that are related to each other, so that makes it even worse.”

“I couldn’t even see in there. When we got out, I couldn’t even see to get out of the doors, there was so much smoke,” said Charlie Bottoms.

He’s lived in the tower for eight and a half years and isn’t worried about what he’ll find when he gets back inside. “It’s alright. It’ll be alright. They just have to get the smoke out.”

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