ACT to Provide Greater Insight with Results

By Heather Hubbs

A record number of high school students are set to take the ACT exam this weekend. Nearly 600,000 are registered to take the test nationwide on Saturday. Soon, students who take the test will get more than just a 1-36 score when they get back the results. In addition to that number score students are used to seeing they also will get a detailed report supplementing those scores.

The “readiness indicators” as ACT calls them, include a STEM Score which shows the students overall performance in science and math. The goal is to get students to consider career paths they may not have otherwise. They’ll also give a language arts score, which combines english, reading, and writing portions of the ACT so students can see how they stack up against other students who have been identified as college ready. There is also a career readiness and text complexity indicator that will help students see how prepared they are for life after high school.

”The paper will show a lot more insight about a student, a lot more information about their strengths and weakness and what they can do about it, more importantly we’re working to personalize every report. It’s tied to goals and career aspirations you as a student have,” said Jon Erickson, President of Education and Career Solutions.

Students will receive a more detailed report with their test results starting in 2015. Other changes ACT is rolling out over the next two years include a computer based version of the ACT in some districts. They also will add new reporting categories that align with the common core state standards.

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