Dubuque Veteran Lives Out Final Wish

By Katie Wiedemann, KCRG-TV9 News

DUBUQUE, Iowa — The beautiful thing about fishing is that losing track of time is an unspoken rule of the sport.

And that's time well spent for United States Army Veteran, John Kass Jr.

“All John talks about and all he wants to do is go fishing,” said Veteran's Freedom Center Director Jim Wagner.

As a once avid angler, fishing is something Kass knew he had to do just one more time.

“I'll come out anytime with anybody, Kass said. “I don't care who they are. If you want to take me tomorrow, I am sure you'd be glad to take me tomorrow.”

Unfortunately, Kass's tomorrows are numbered.

“He is just a time bomb waiting to explode, said Kass' sister Jane Weber. “That heart needed a three bypass 5.5 years ago. I don't know the condition it's in today.”

In 2009, Kass suffered a massive heart attack that left him with brain damage and permanently damaged heart. His family says doctors don't know how much time he has left.

“Think about that,” said Weber. Five years. He's already been buying time.”

But he's buying time doing what he loves most: fishing.

“I'll go tomorrow if I can,” said Kass. “But one day at a time. One day at a time.”

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