Dubuque Drivers Adjust to Two Way Street Change

By Katie Wiedemann, KCRG-TV9

DUBUQUE, Iowa - Drivers are going to have to break some habits in Dubuque.

Starting Monday morning, traffic is now moving both ways on several streets that were one-ways just yesterday.

9th, 10th, 11th and Pine Streets were all one-way streets for decades. But that’s no longer the case.

City engineers say the change is coming to improve the flow of traffic.

As certain as one year fades into the next, change is inevitable.

Greater Dubuque Development Executive Director Rick Dickinson said, “Somebody once said, “Iowans, we like progress but we don’t like change. “

In this case, the city says the change helps traffic better flow around the city’s recently re-purposed Historic Millwork District.

“Long term it’s the thing that makes sense. And if you’re going to have a live/work environment you need to have easy access,” said Dickinson.

Drivers are dealing with the direction change as well as new traffic patterns. The city installed signs on 9th Street telling west-bound drivers to stop several feet in front of the intersection.

Dubuque Public Information Officer Randy Gehl said, “There are some hash markers and that’s to accommodate a wider birth for semis to make sharp corners.”

Reluctant drivers say they found themselves navigating the change better than they’d expected.

Brooke Sweet said, “It wasn’t hard to adjust to. It was just that split second when you’re like, ‘oh ok I have to get my bearings. Ok, I am good now.’ “

Dickinson said, “Like any change it’s going to take a little to adjust. Old habits break hard. “

The beginning of a new habit as the downtown community changes directions.

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