Farmers Expect Sweet Corn to be Ready by the End of July

By Ashley Davis, KCRG-TV9

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa - A late planting season has thrown off the usual time shoppers can begin expecting fresh sweet corn to hit the market.

Farmer Gary Knight said sweet corn is typically ready around the first part of July. He still believes the summer treat will be available by then.

“I think the earliest we’ve ever had corn was two years ago, like the end of June, and the latest has been maybe the eighteenth or twentieth of July so it’ll run somewhere in that range,” Knight said.

Knight said he was about a week late getting his sweet corn planted. He also said he doesn’t think farmer’s market sales will be affected.

“It’s starting out good, we’ve got plenty of moisture and right now we got plenty of heat so I think we’re in good shape,” Knight said. “People are hungry for corn and they’ll wait.”

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