Spring Cleaning for Your Cell Phone

By Heather Hubbs

Now is the time of year when many start to do a little spring cleaning around the house. It may also be a good idea to do a little spring cleaning on your cellphone. Doing so will help it run faster and longer.

If you notice your phone is sluggish and the battery isn’t lasting very long, don’t dump it for a new one. We talked to the guys at CR Cell Phone Repair who gave us a few quick fixes to get your phone running right. The first thing you want to do is delete any apps you don’t use, over the angry bird craze? Delete it. Then you want to make sure you are closing out of the apps you are using so they aren’t constantly running and draining your battery. You can do this manually or download task manager apps which can help with this. Also, go into your app settings and turn off the automatic updates so the apps only update when you tell them too. Another thing you want to clean out is old emails, texts, and all those pictures of what you’ve had to eat lately.

”People don’t think about going in and cleaning out all their old text messages and picture messages but if your doing a lot of picture messaging you’ll have a lot of data stored even 1 or 2 gig in just pictures,” said Jacob Long, owner of CR Cell Phone Repair.

One last thing that can help boost your phone’s speed and battery life is turning off location and GPS settings when you don’t need them.

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