Miserable First Round at the Masters For Zach Johnson

By Mike Hlas, Reporter

AUGUSTA, Ga. — It's been suggested the reason the Masters' logo is yellow is because of the pollen that plagues this region during this time of year.

Zach Johnson's first-round score of 78 at the Masters was only the second-most miserable thing he experienced at Augusta National.

"My legs aren't with me and my head's not with me," Johnson said after the birdie-less, 6-over-par round all but eliminated him as a contender for this year's championship.

"I'm not trying to make excuses, but my arms don't feel like they're attached to my body and my vision wasn't great.

"There was no rhythm today. There was just nothing in the tank. There's nothing in the tank."

Allergies. A full-blown head cold. Pollen.

"I'm upset with myself that I didn't take care of it earlier," Johnson said. "Maybe I should be on an antibiotic, but I haven't taken antibiotics for years. I just get sick (from) antibiotics, which makes it even worse.

"I've had this for the last three, four days. It was worse today than yesterday. I just feel like my head's 500 pounds. It's unfortunate. It is pollen and I knew it was here. It's not like you don't know it's coming. I didn't take care of it early enough.

"Hopefully I'll be better tonight and I'll sleep. I've been taking an antihistamine. I've been taking ... saline in my nose, a nebulizer. I've been trying everything."

As for the golf itself, play-by-play is hardly required. It was a 78. It could have been better.

"I had my chances," Johnson said. "I just didn't execute. It's hard when you don't have any legs and your arms don't feel like they're attached."

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