Kaness Keeps Rolling Strikes With Two Hands

By John Campbell, Reporter

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa -- Four years ago, we featured Cedar Rapids Washington freshman Kyle Kaness and his unique two-handed bowling style.

"It's not really something I was taught to do, I have just done it ever since i started bowling," he said then.

Kaness is now a senior, but he never graduated to the more traditional one-handed delivery.

"There was not a chance of me going one-handed," he said.

The results speak for themselves. In his freshman year, he averaged a 170 score. As a senior, it's up to 230. This past year, Kyle was named first team All-district and Mississippi Valley bowler of the year.

But young bowlers aren't clamoring to know how he does it.

"They don't ask me about it," he said. "They just look at me weird."

From this angle, Kyle Kaness is living proof that it still takes two hands to deliver the whopper.
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