Heart Condition Doesn't Stop Iowa City West's Lohaus

By Josh Christensen and Jeff Johnson, Reporters

IOWA CITY – Wyatt Lohaus was scared the first time it happened. You would have been, too.

"I thought I was going to die," he said.

The fears have gone away for the most part, been replaced by another feeling. The heart condition he has dealt with since eighth grade has become more a nuisance than anything else.

"Annoying," the Iowa City West senior point guard said. "Because I can't play, I have to come out of the game."

Lohaus suffers from a cardiac arrhythmia. Everything will be fine, he'll be taking jumpers, dribbling the ball down court and doing all the other things that make him an all-state player and future Division I college player.

Then, suddenly, his heart rate jumps. If you've watched West play the four years Lohaus has been on varsity, you've seen it happen.

He'll quietly take himself out of the game and head to the end of the West bench. Team trainer Sheila Stiles will pull out a large Tupperware container of ice water and place it on his lap.

Lohaus will intermittently dunk his face into the container to help shock his heart rate back to normal. Usually, dad, Brad, or mom, Anne, will come out of the stands to aid him and rub his back in moral support.

"A lot of people think I'm throwing up when I do that," Lohaus said with a smile. "I bet it's pretty interesting to see me pull out a bucket of ice water and stick my face into it."

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