Fly-Tying Master Shares Wisdom at Fly-Fishing Convention

By John Campbell, Reporter

Bob Clouser is to fly tying what Bill Belichick is to football and Mike Krzyzewski is to basketball.

The Pennsylvania native got hooked at an early age.

"My father bought me a fly-tying kit when I was 14," he said. "And I just fell in love building and tying on feathers to hooks."

Clouser developed the now-world famous Clouser minnow.

"The key is the weight added to the hook," he said. "And this fly never stops moving during the retrieve."

What began as a hobby for Bob Clouser became an addiction and a career. Hundreds of patterns, thousands of presentations and several books later, Clouser said there is still satisfaction whenever a fish bites one of the flies he developed and tied.
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