These Blonde Bombshells Hope to Hoist the Clark Cup

By Jeff Johnson, Reporter

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa — Mohawks were on the table. So was the jet black look.

Instead the Cedar Rapids RoughRiders decided they'd bleach their hair for the USHL playoffs. Each and every player.

They look like a bunch of dirty Q-tips.
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Steven Hensley (left) and Cason Hohmann of the RoughRiders show off their new hairdos.

"A lot of teams do something for the playoffs," said Nick Saracino. "Mohawks didn't work last year, so we decided to go with this."

"It was a team vote," said captain Jayson Megna. "I was pushing more for the black hair just because that's what the 2005 team did when they won (the Clark Cup). But we're a different team, and everyone thought it'd be cool to do it this way. Be our own team."

The players spent last Saturday morning at Salon 30 Spa & Tanning in Lisbon. Guys with especially dark hair, like Megna and Saracino, had to have two procedures.

"I was at the salon for two and a half hours," Megna said.

Minnesota-Duluth won the NCAA championship a couple of weeks ago with the all-blonde look, so there is a precedent. The Clark Cup playoffs don't end until late May, so players actually hope they have to return to Salon 30 for a touchup.

Not so their girlfriends, however.

"She didn't really have a choice in the matter," Megna said of his significant other. "It is what it is. It's for the playoffs, it's not for looks."
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