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What You Need to Know to Volunteer in Parkersburg

PARKERSBURG - Now, with nice weather expected this weekend, organizers in Parkersburg are expecting large groups of volunteers. But before you head there, there's some information you need to know. More... Read More »

Kampman Impressed by Parkersburg Response

Parkersburg-Aaron Kampman played his high school football in Parkersburg and still had family members living there. In his mind, it was a "no brainer" that he return and help out. Kampman, a defensive... Read More »

Volunteers Asked to Call the Iowa Concern Hotline

DES MOINES - Iowans interested in volunteering with the clean up at Parkersburg and New Hartford are asked to call the Iowa Concern Hotline at 1-800-447-1985. At the current time there are enough volunteers... Read More »

Rain Slows Clean-Up Effort

PARKERSBURG - The rain is a problem in Parkersburg after an EF-5 tornado Sunday killed seven people and destroyed hundreds of homes and businesses. Thursday's weather has clean-up efforts at a virtual... Read More »

Legal Services Hotline Established to Assist Tornado Victims

A toll-free number is in place to provide free short-term assistance with legal questions for people affected by the Butler County tornado. The number is scheduled to be operational May 30th. Iowa State... Read More »

Cedar Rapids American Legion Starts Drive for Tornado Victims: Find Out What is Needed Most

(CEDAR RAPIDS) - After an overwhelming response in Washington, Coralville and North Liberty for donations to storm victims, the American Legion in Cedar Rapids is opening up a drive of its own. The... Read More »

Parkersburg Native Son Kampman Returns To See Damage

PARKERSBURG (AP) - Aaron Kampman came running when he heard that a tornado had destroyed his old high school. Kampman, a defensive end with the Green Bay Packers and former University of Iowa standout,... Read More »

Agencies Unite to Aid Tornado Victims

PARKERSBURG - On Sunday, an EF-5 tornado with winds of 205 miles per hour devastated the town of Parkersburg. The tornado killed five people in Parkersburg and two others in nearby New Hartford, making... Read More »

FEMA Sets Up Office in Parkersburg

PARKERSBURG - On Wednesday, people in Parkersburg began an important step in the rebuilding process. The Federal Emergency Management Agency has set up a temporary office there. And tornado victims are... Read More »

Tornado Hits Two Elderly Couples

PARKERSBURG - Much of the devastation is in the Butler County town of Parkersburg. That's where a tornado two-thirds of a mile wide struck Sunday afternoon. Six people died that day and another died in... Read More »

Food and Conversation Comfort Parkersburg Tornado Victims

PARKERSBURG -- The Parkersburg American Legion has become a place to escape the destruction and share a meal and conversation with friends. On Tuesday, volunteers served 4,000 free meals. "We're... Read More »


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