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FEMA Providing Aid for Storm Victims

PARKERSBURG - Cleaning up and restoring homes and communities after last month's tornadoes will take a lot of money. The federal government is trying to let the affected people know about all the help... Read More »

Tornado Kills Eighth Person

The death toll from the EF-5 tornado has risen to eight. 85 year-old Bertha Eckhoff of Parkersburg died Tuesday night. Now six have died in Parkersburg and two in New Hartford. It's... Read More »

Unusual Parkersburg Polling Place Attracts Hundreds of Voters

PARKERSBURG -- People in Parkersburg have spent much of their time over the past week or so cleaning up after the tornado. The storm destroyed the town's original polling place, but the auditor found a... Read More »

Recovery Efforts Continue After Deadly EF-5 Tornado

PARKERSBURG - Clean up and recovery efforts continue in Parkersburg and other NE Iowa towns affected by the severe weather on Sunday. The National Weather Service has rated the deadly tornado an EF5. That... Read More »

Caught on Tape: House Destroyed by Tornado

PARKERSBURG - An ATM surveillance camera from First State Bank in Parkersburg caught this amazing footage of a house being destroyed by the deadly May 25th EF-5 tornado. The person who lives here was home... Read More »

Bank Surveillance Cameras Rolled as Tornado Hit

PARKERSBURG - Seconds before the tornado hit Parkersburg, First State Bank looked like most banks do on a Sunday, quiet and empty. Then the winds roared through, papers and furniture swirled into the air.... Read More »

Making Progress in Parkersburg

PARKERSBURG - The tornado clean-up has been going on for more than a week now, but the job is far from over. People still have to clear away huge piles of debris. What used to be people's homes, now... Read More »

Parkersburg Church Survives Tornado

PARKERSBURG - In the middle of this town's misfortune, some say sits a miracle. United Methodist Church Pastor Betsy Piette says, "We came in, hard to get the door open, because they were jammed by... Read More »

Officials Warn of Scam Targeting Tornado Victims

PARKERSBURG (AP) - Officials are warning disaster victims in northeast Iowa to be wary of scam artists as they recover from a historic tornado that struck last week. Authorities say they have heard... Read More »

Parkersburg Shows Signs of Rebuilding

PARKERSBURG - More than 300 people so far are asking for federal assistance. They're survivors of the strongest tornado to hit Iowa in more than 30 years. More than 1,300 volunteers came to Parkersburg... Read More »


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