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Parkersburg Bounces Back

PARKERSBURG – A tornado destroyed or damaged at least 400 homes in Parkersburg back in May. Now, nearly half of those houses are getting rebuilt. Just about everywhere you look, you seen signs of new... Read More »

Rebuilding Shifts to Businesses in Parkersburg

PARKERSBURG- The rebuilding effort in Parkersburg is beginning to shift to businesses as well as homes. The entire town of Parkersburg, west of Cedar Falls, has looked like a construction zone since... Read More »

Speaker of the House Pelosi to Tour Iowa Damage

PARKERSBURG (AP) - U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is coming to Iowa to tour areas damaged by the summer's severe weather. California Democrat Pelosi will tour flood damage in Des Moines early... Read More »

Return of Football Brings "Normalcy"

PARKERSBURG - The Aplington-Parkersburg high school football team took the field at home Friday night for the first time since May's massive tornado. That deadly tornado tore through the Butler County... Read More »

Parkersburg, W.Va., Donates to Parkersburg, Iowa

WATERLOO (AP) - Parkersburg, West Virginia wants Iowa's Parkersburg to know it cares. The Parkersburg Area Community Foundation of West Virginia announced on Tuesday it was donating $925 to the... Read More »

School Year Right Around Corner, But Many Buildings Still Damaged

EASTERN IOWA - The state says flooding and tornadoes displaced around 2,500 students here in Iowa this spring and summer. In all, 50 public and five private school districts reported flooded buildings.... Read More »

Iowa Students Return to Disaster Damaged Schools

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (AP) - Iowa education officials say about 2,500 students have been displaced by this year's disasters as class resume across the state. According to a recent survey, about 50... Read More »

Parkersburg Collects Items Lost in Storm

PARKERSBURG, Iowa (AP) - The lost-and-found in Parkersburg has become a trove of items that were blown away by the May 25 tornado. The mementos began arriving at City Hall a couple of days after... Read More »

Parkersburg Takes A Break From Rebuilding

Parkersburg - After May's devastating EF5 tornado tore apart the town of Parkersburg, its people are trying to put the past behind them and celebrate what they still have. The Parkersburg Fun Days... Read More »

Bent Cross on Parkersburg Church to Remain

PARKERBURG (AP) - Members of the Parkersburg United Methodist Church say the bent cross will remain as a symbol of the town's strength. They say it shows Parkersburg may bend, but it won't break. The... Read More »

President Bush Declares Butler County a Disaster Area

DES MOINES (AP) - President Bush has declared that a major disaster exists in Iowa, making federal money available to residents of Butler County. The president's action came Tuesday, two days after... Read More »


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