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Storm Survivors Dig Through Debris to Find Memories Swept Up in Tornado

(PARKERSBURG) - People in Parkersburg spent all day shovelling, sweeping and cleaning, but you could barely tell that anyone has made any progress. It's a time-consuming, heartbreaking job but families... Read More »

Washington County Donates to Parkersburg

WASHINGTON - Parkersburg has seen a flood of aid since the tornado hit Sunday afternoon. One truck of supplies left Wednesday from a community that is all too familiar with what a tornado can do. People... Read More »

Aid Coming into Parkersburg from All Over Iowa

PARKERSBURG - All over Iowa, communities are pitching in to help people in Parkersburg get back on their feet. Many people in Parkersburg have almost nothing left. They've lost their homes, their belongings... Read More »

Tornado Destroys Hundreds of Vehicles

PARKERSBURG -- Tow trucks travel in and out of Parkersburg all day, plucking vehicles out of the debris. Now, a parking lot full of twisted metal and shattered windshields greets everyone who enters... Read More »

AP Coach Reflects on Tornado Recovery

Aplington-Parkersburg football coach Ed Thomas spoke at the KCRG-TV9 Athlete of the Week banquet Thursday night. Thomas reflected on the day an EF5 tornado ripped through Parkersburg and destroyed his... Read More »

Dubuque Volunteers Help Victims in Parkersburg

Parkersburg - It's been almost two months since an E-F-5 tornado ripped through Parkersburg, leaving behind a path of destruction. Volunteers from all over the United States have responded. Today a... Read More »

Parkersburg: One Month After the Tornado

PARKERSBURG - One month ago Wednesday, a total of six tornadoes tore through Parkersburg, New Hartford, Dunkerton and Hazleton. It was an EF-5 tornado that leveled hundreds of homes in the Butler County... Read More »

Family Remembers 8th Tornado Victim as Being Strong

PARKERSBURG - The family of Bertha Eckhoff says those horrible tornadoes more than a week ago were no match for her will, only her body. Tuesday the 85-year-old woman became the EF-5 tornado's eighth... Read More »

Tornado Claims Eighth Victim

PARKERSBURG - Another person has died as a result of injuries in the May 25th tornado that struck Parkersburg and New Hartford. That brings the total number killed to eight. Bertha Eckhoff, age 85,... Read More »

Life Lessons Replacing Academic Lessons

NEW HARTFORD - It's the beginning of June and pretty much the only thing students can think about is summer vacation. Well, that and the EF-5 tornado that hit town. "Our minds were already distracted... Read More »


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