Some Parkersburg Families Back in Homes for Holidays

By Dave Franzman, Reporter


By Dave Franzman

PARKERSBURG- Parkersburg is still a town under construction following the deadly tornado there last May. But more and more residents who lost homes to the storm are moving back in time to celebrate the holidays at home.

And Tom and Brenda Meyer have perhaps double the reason to celebrate this season. That's because they lost both a home and a business to the tornado...but are back in both this Thanksgiving.

Tom Meyer owns A-P Appliances in Parkersburg and his business was one of 15 in that community lost to the twister. His home about two blocks away was leveled as well. Since he had to rebuild both his appliance shop and his home one big decision was where to start.

"With a family, I had to get the house going first--the business, we were working out of a little office trailer," he said.

The Meyer home was finished first about a month ago. And a repaired appliance shop followed about two weeks later. And it wasn't a moment too soon.

Since the tornado, this family of five had lived in a camper so small the oldest son stayed with grandparents for months because there simply wasn't room.

Mother Brenda Meyer said "I'm very grateful to have our whole family together finally--and the business is going good. It'll be nice to have the whole family together--everybody that's helped us out."

But while there is room here for a big Thanksgiving day gather but that's not the plan. The family's still dealing with finishing touches at home.

And Tom has more heating and cooling systems to install than he can easily handle. So he's not taking much time off and will work on Friday.

the plan now is the Meyers will have a big holiday celebration in their new home--but it'll take place at Christmas.

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