Parkersburg Collects Items Lost in Storm

Tornado victims in Parkersburg find the baby photo of a recently deceased family member in the storm damage. A block away, they also found their family member's ring.


By KCRG Intern

PARKERSBURG, Iowa (AP) - The lost-and-found in Parkersburg has
become a trove of items that were blown away by the May 25 tornado.

The mementos began arriving at City Hall a couple of days after an EF5 tornado destroyed nearly a third of the town, killed eight people and swept away items of daily life. Three months later, the items continue to pour in daily.

There are wedding albums, baby pictures, a wedding dress, a football and baseball card collection and a signed certificate of training from the Air Force.

Police Chief Chris Luhring says many of the items are irreplaceable and priceless.

There's a family Bible containing a family history that dates back generations.

Doreen Thorne's house was destroyed in the storm and quilts she thought were lost forever were returned to the make-shift City Hall.

One was found on top of a house in Denver, Iowa, about 35 miles from Parkersburg. Another was found in a cornfield about 60 miles away.


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