Joe Winter's Blog: A Tragic Sunday II


By Joe Winters

South of Parkersburg looking NW from D17 and 2 mi west of Hwy 14, before it hitOnce continuous coverage began at TV9 several things need to happen. First we need to have our microphones in the on position, Master Control needs to be notified to put us on the air and we need to also get our continuous coverage available on Local 9.2 KCRG and Master control triggered the system and we were live on TV9.  At the same time I emailed a note to Claire Kellett (anchor/reporter) and Cassie Huisman (producer) with the instructions on getting the live web stream started. They worked it out perfectly and we were streaming coverage live on the web.

The method as to what happens when we are on the air turn continuous coverage varies from storm to storm and situation to situation. In this case we were tracking one storm that was producing tornadoes, large hail and heavy rain. The storm developed to the west of Parkersburg and travel almost due east on Highway 20. Early on, in any coverage, we have very limited information. We are relying on our Live Radar, weather spotter reports, chat rooms with the National Weather Service and you the viewer.  So as the storm is moving through Butler and Black Hawk counties, our primary focus is using radar to pinpoint the location of the most dangerous weather, give safety information and to storm track it into the future to give advance warnings to communities that may be affected.

I remember Kaj and I would talk for a period of time and then toss to the other person for more coverage.  It is always interesting to see how we change the meteorologist that is talking. Sometimes you will hear us on air actually ask the other person a question to prompt some discussion about the storm. Sometimes we will point at each other as a signal to be ready to take over. We write notes to each other with information and have a special chat room set up, just for the meteorologists, to get information back and forth while still covering the storm.

On Monday I will discuss the information that started coming in and just how we felt as we knew how serious this situation was.

Weather or not, I'm Meteorologist Joe Winters

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