What You Need to Know to Volunteer in Parkersburg

By Justin Foss, Reporter


By Becky Ogann

PARKERSBURG - Now, with nice weather expected this weekend, organizers in Parkersburg are expecting large groups of volunteers. But before you head there, there's some information you need to know.

More than 500 people came to volunteer on Friday, but organizers say they'll turn you away if you don't follow their simple steps. First, you need gloves, pants and protective shoes. Boots are preferred because of all the nails.

Also, they only want people older than 14. Organizers say this is complicated clean up process because of the type of debris.

"We're trying to put the right people with the right task. So we can't have 600 or 700 people standing right here. We've got over 500 people in the community right now," said Mitch Nordmeyer, clean-up organizer.

Most importantly, volunteers have to pre-register. Earlier, people were told to call the Butler County Emergency Operations Center, but that has now changed.

You now need to call the Iowa Concern Hotline at 1-800-447-1985.


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