Aid Coming into Parkersburg from All Over Iowa

By Mark Geary, Reporter


By Becky Ogann

PARKERSBURG - All over Iowa, communities are pitching in to help people in Parkersburg get back on their feet.

Many people in Parkersburg have almost nothing left. They've lost their homes, their belongings and even their food. Now, people from all over the state are sending help.

A 53-foot trailer full of supplies from the opposite side of Iowa brought a truckload of relief to the town of Parkersburg.

"It just goes to show that if you have a need, people will help. We have a big need here. And people are pouring in the help from everywhere," Neal Schrage, a Parkersburg American Legion member, said.

The Washingon American Legion collected 13,000 pounds of supplies in less than 10 hours. All of the food and water will help the Parkersburg American Legion continue to serve thousands of free meals 24-hours-a-day.

"We're getting nothing but handshakes and pats on the back. It feels great, it really does," Ron Northup, a Washington American Legion member, said.

People in Washington were especially generous because they understand the power of a tornado, a twister hit the town about 10 years ago.

"People from all over the state came and helped us. They donated to us. I knew Washington would step up, but it exceeds my expectations of what they actually produced," Aaron Olson, a Washington American Legion member, said.

Many victims have felt as if they were running on empty the past few days, but these generous gifts from sympathetic strangers more than 100 miles away will fill people's hearts and stomachs for days to come.

People in Parkersburg truly are grateful for all of the support. Many have told TV9 they never thought so many people from across the state would care so much. But they obviously do.

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